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The Smile Clinic Provides Expert Dental Implant Treatment Solutions in Boronia, AU

A smile is a sign of well-deserved health! It’s a symbol of hope and happiness that brightens the lives of the people who come across them! Unfortunately, not everyone is so blessed to have perfect teeth! And that’s why a dental implant is quite a common treatment sought by many, especially Boronia dental implant patients. Enriching their lives with the perfect smile, dental implants can treat many common dental problems and ailments, thus providing the much-needed boost in confidence and quality of life!

What Is Dental Implant?

Implant dentistry is a revolutionary procedure for tooth replacement or tooth restoration. It’s a perfect dental procedure used by dentists in Boronia, AU. It offers modern-day dental solutions in the form of customized dental crowns, dentures, dental bridges, and more that work beyond your expectation and fulfils your desire for a better living with a healthy smile!

Whether you’re seeking to replace a tooth, improve a dental bridge, gain better chewing function, or just want to improve the appearance, dental implants are a perfect solution for all patients in Boronia, AU, seeking a beautiful and confident smile.

A dental implant is composed of two parts, an artificial tooth root, and an abutment. The abutment is a small structure that is shaped to provide a foundation for the dental implant. In addition to that, it also helps the implant to eliminate chewing forces and carries normal functions of the gums, such as bone formation. The dental implants are then securely attached to the jawbones and act as a foundation from which the artificial teeth are fitted. It’s a really convenient, flexible, and long-lasting solution for replacing your natural teeth.

A dental implant tooth replacement is a long term treatment process. Thus, it is important to choose an experienced and competent dentist. That’s where The Smile Clinic, with our advanced dental technology, excellent qualified staff, and quality patient care, comes in!

The Dental Implant Procedure:

Dental Implant is a specialized procedure warranting a highly qualified dentist specializing in the dental implant process. The process starts with multiple x-rays to obtain the best possible representation of the patient’s gum tissues while being analyzed for any abnormalities. These x-rays are accompanied by a CT scan that provides images of the patient’s jaw structure in a 3-dimensional image. The image provides a visual representation of any bony obstructions that may prevent the correct seating of the dental implant. After x-rays and CT scans have been processed, the dental implant process can commence. Dental implant placement is a three-step process as described below.

1. Dental Implant Surgery:

After being given a local anesthetic, the dentist will begin working on the jaw with surgical aids. An incision will be made in the gum to allow for the positioning of the grafting material. Once the bone has been evenly grafted, the dental implant and abutment are positioned and secured to the jaw using titanium screws. These screws do not need to be removed after implant placement due to the fact they are non-conspicuous after healing.

2. Stabilizing Dental Implants:

It takes a certain amount of time for the gums and jawbone to heal in order for the dental implant to function correctly. A few weeks may be needed to recover from the surgery according to the surgical duration. After the healing process has been completed, the next step is to finish the dental implant restoration. This stage of the dental implant process will involve the designing and constructing of the custom dental prosthesis.

3. Dental Implant Restoration:

The final phase of the dental implant process is the final fitting of the prosthesis on the dental implant. This is the culmination of the dental implant procedure where the dentist can test the proper fitting, function, and comfort of the end product.

At The Smile Clinic, we offer all our valued patients with titanium implants who prefer metallic materials and zirconium implants who are in favor of lighter materials. Both options are known to make our dental implant procedure as safe and as comfortable as possible, and we believe titanium and zirconium implants are both best suited for our patients.

5 Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants:

1. Dental Implants Restore Your Natural Smile:

Bringing back a beautiful and healthy smile for our patients in Boronia, AU, is our utmost priority. With dental implants, we can replace missing teeth quickly and efficiently, aiming to return your confidence, self-esteem, projection, and charisma. Thanks to modern dental implant technology and exceptional quality dental materials and technology, we can create a natural-looking and feeling solution to your missing teeth problems.

2. Permanent and Natural:

Dental implants are made of high-quality materials that allow for a permanent tooth replacement. When it comes to restoring the smile, dental implants offer unparalleled strength and durability in that they can tackle normal wear and tear and can be used to replace missing teeth in almost all areas of the mouth!

3. Versatility of Dental Implants:

Because of their flexibility, dental implants are able to provide solutions for a variety of dental problems. They are able to perform any task in the mouth easily and also provide the possibility to perform new dental treatments such as dental bridges, dental crowns, and dentures. Recommended by dental specialists worldwide, dental implants are proven to be the best choice to replace missing teeth once and for all.

4. Successful and Long-Lasting:

Most patients don’t realize that dental implant treatment is more successful than other tooth restoration methods. With proper treatment and care, dental implants can retain function for up to 20 or more years and can still work well even after that period. As long as you maintain a good level of oral health, your artificial teeth will function and feel just like your natural teeth.

5. Same Comfortable Feeling as Natural Teeth:

Dental implants are designed using material and technology that resemble natural teeth. It will resist friction and damage similar to that of natural teeth. They feel and work well with sounds and moisture similar to natural teeth. It will be deep enough to fill the gaps and spaces where your natural teeth would be.

Without a doubt, dental implants are the best option for people to enjoy a permanent, natural, comfortable, and confident smile!

Who Are We?

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist to help you achieve your desired smile can be a challenging but important task.

Here at The Smile Clinic, we’re devoted to providing you with only the most comprehensive dental solutions in Boronia, AU. We specialize in giving you outstanding dental treatments and getting you that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!

Our patients can rest assured of our best dental services as we have employed the best in dental technology, equipment, dental materials, and staff in order to ensure the highest standard of patient care. With our dental team at The Smile Clinic, you can be sure to receive the best service, tailored to the specific needs of your teeth, gums, and smile. When it comes to providing superb dental care, we’re second to none! Experience the difference when you come to us, knowing that we’ve always got your best interest in mind.

Why Choose Us?

The Smile Clinic is dedicated to helping you improve your smile – restoring beauty and confidence! With our top of the line dental technology and equipment, we can provide you with the best and most up to date dental care solutions. By combining the latest in cosmetic dentistry, dental implant technology, and excellent qualified staff, our patients are guaranteed the most comprehensive and state of the art solution for their dental problems.

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1. Are Dental Implants Safe?

Dental implants have become extremely popular in the last couple of decades because of their convenience, safety, comfort, and long lifespan. That is why many dental specialists across the world recommend them to patients as a permanent solution to replace their natural teeth and oral health.

2. Do Tooth Implants Hurt?

The surgical implant procedure is virtually pain-free with most dental implant techniques used in the modern world. Using the newest technology and cutting edge dental materials, today’s tooth implants have become the most comfortable dental treatment in depth.